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Below is a sample representation of the work we have performed. We believe each client faces unique energy and sustainability challenges. Our consultants work across the country and have the breadth of experience to help clients find solutions that work for them. We evaluate traditional building systems such as lighting and HVAC for energy savings and sustainable operation. Additionally, we evaluate opportunities for combined heat & power (CHP) systems and renewable technologies such as photovoltaic systems, battery storage and electric vehicle charging stations.

Energy Consulting Work


We believe each school district is unique in the challenges it faces. Our approach to energy and sustainability projects in the K-12 environment includes gaining an understanding of the specific space needs of each school district

We bring decades of experience in helping school districts enhance the learning environment. Our team has performed technical studies in over 1000 buildings including historical buildings.

Higher Education

Sustainability and carbon neutrality are important metrics for universities. In Higher Education, our experience includes working with various stakeholders such as operations staff, students and educators. 

In addition to ASHRAE Level I, II and III audits, we partner with clients to perform LEED & WELL evaluations and develop behavior programs.  

Local Government

Local governments across the country continuously deal with aging infrastructure, deferred maintenance and competing priorities for available capital.

We have years of experience identifying new (and enhancing existing) revenue streams and increasing system resiliency. We partner with clients in advancing dark-sky and other initiatives that help local governments meet their sustainability goals.    

Drone Inspections

Our decades of experience in the built environment have given us the insight to understand not all opportunities can be uncovered in a standard "walk-through".

We deploy the latest technologies in our service offerings including drone inspections to uncover energy savings opportunities.  


In thermodynamics, entropy is the measure of unavailable energy. Over time, equipment components tend to "drift", generating entropy. Small increases in entropy at a component level will impact the performance of equipment and other connected systems in a building. This principle is true within all buildings including previously commissioned buildings. 

We help clients identify these "drifts" and provide recommendations to bring equipment back to a state of optimal performance. 

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